The watch industry is broken and MATIC is here to fix it.

As machinery and technology evolve watches become more accurate and more affordable to manufacture, yet old luxury brands raise their prices! We understand old luxury built it's name on decades of reliability and we respect that, but we believe in evolution and honest pricing. 

New brands like MVMT and Daniel Wellington have solved the affordability problem, but make products with the lowest grade components possible; cheap aluminum casing, Chinese movements, weak mineral glass, and leather filled with rubber. Watches are a status symbol, so wearing their watch is honestly embarrassing. 

There is the problem; Why can't you have a beautiful timepiece, with top of the line components, and not have to spend a fortune.

We sourced globally to create a timepiece with top of the line specs. This watch has been meticulously designed from the Sapphire double-domed glass, to the Swiss Ronda movements, and slab leathers from the Manhattan Garment District.

We believe in creating products that are; beautiful, durable, accurate, and honestly priced.

"When you solve a problem and do it in a way that's really genuine, the opportunity is there" - J. Kingsmark