After three years spent searching for the perfect pieces, we’ve successfully combined the best components to create our MATIC watches. Sourced from around the world, and assembled in Manhattan, we’re delivering a top-shelf timepiece at an honest price. MATIC is attractive, accurate, and affordable.




Assembly - Every watch is hand assembled by our staff, allowing us to keep an eye on even the smallest details. 

Packaging - All of our packaging is sourced from the United States. From cards, to pamphlets, to mailers, right down to the tape.

Embossing - Our MATIC seal of approval, we hand embossed each leather strap in studio.

Design - Designed in Manhattan, New York.


Known for their fine craftsmanship and high-end goods, our straps are cut from the finest Italian leather.

Leathers - Our premium leathers come from a small family owned shop on the coast of Italy. 



Every MATIC timepiece is moulded with Japanese 316L stainless steel.

316L stainless steel - This high grade stainless steel is used for our straps, hardware, and casing.

Glass - Every MATIC watch uses a double domed sapphire crystal, second only to  diamond in scratch resistance. 

Case - Water resistant up to 100 meters, our screw-down stainless back allows our timepiece's to submerge over 3,000 feet underwater. 



The most important aspect of a watch is it's ability to keep time. We want our products to be reliable for generations to come so we use top of the line Swiss Ronda movements in all of our flagship designs.

Movement - Using ultra precise Swiss Ronda movements sourced from Geneva, MATIC timepieces are accurate to 5 seconds/month. That's better than 1 minute per year and more reliable than most mechanical movements. You can set it and forget it.

Jewels - Built with 6-12 Jewels.

Battery - Our batteries are tested up to 54 months.


We stress the importance of every detail inside and out, so you can be proud to wear MATIC.