Where are your products made?

We source components globally and assemble right here in Manhattan.


Are Matic watches waterproof?

Every MATIC watch is tested up to 10 ATM, that's equal to 100 meters underwater (3,000ft).


How many employees do you have?

We are proud to have built a team of individuals sharing a common goal. We would like to thank: 

Dimetri Hogan: Creative Director

Jason Weeks: Branding and Graphic Design

Julian Medina: Photography

Jarred Dlux: Sales

Julian Opia: Cinematography

FilterPR: Music Management

Together this team is changing a 20 billion dollar industry.


How many pieces do you make per style?

We are small, our first run is 900 watches total. That's only 75 of each watch style, and 25 of each strap style. If you want to support us, and make sure you get the style you love, we suggest ordering ASAP.


How long does shipping take?

Orders are shipped within 1 day and typically take 2-3 days for delivery. We are shipping from the East Coast, so orders in LA may take longer than delivery to FL, MA, TX, etc...


Do you ship world wide?

Yes! we ship world wide!



Call 8603246232 and talk to our customer service rep!